I was very happy that the assignments were all very different and musically varied on the Music for TV Masterclass. Each assignment was very typical for each style. The first was political and serious, the second was more general entertainment and the last was arabic and “dreamy”.
It was amusing to work on various styles and different sorts of brief and I felt it gave me a really good training for different styles of music, which I wouldn’t normally compose
Both the production documents that accompanied the course and the personal feedback you gave me were very clear, useful and intelligent. I can now say that I have improved both my composing and my understanding about this industry. Knowledge sharing is essential in our business. Composers are often alone with their computers without the possibility of genuine interaction and an exchange of information – so this was very useful and gave me a lot of confidence. Fabien G, France

“We really enjoyed it and so did most of our students…things that worked well particularly was the duo of producers perspective and the ‘creatives’ perspective”.  Naomi G, Media Lecturer Lewisham College, London

This masterclass is a valuable tool in continuing to create music with respect for composers, clients and industry. I congratulate you!
Thanks a lot for your Masterclass, it was a really useful journey for me. Your detailed feedback made the course feel really personal and it helped me understand what I need to work on.  It took a bit longer than I expected but it was definitely worth the time. I’m looking forward to the pitch stage. Jeremy S, London

“ I saw your session and thought it was excellent.  Your initiative is the kind of industry link we are keen to develop and give a relevance to their academic work.”  Mick F, Course Leader, Northbrook College, Worthing

The masterclass was an excellent opportunity to see how music is used in advertising, and the challenges that composers face to convey so much in so small a time slot. To be able to read genuine briefs from clients was very interesting and gave an idea of the different levels of information given to the composer by the client. The feedback from the tutor was very useful and incredibly detailed, as were the documents explaining the different areas of the music industry and all the processes involved. I will definitely be signing up for future masterclasses. Thank you Yaniv and Tim. Sarah C, London
Thanks for all your help on this course –  I have enjoyed doing it.  I am already composing library work and the occasional TV track , but I felt I needed to improve my work and this course with your constructive input has been ideal for me. Barry S, Portsmouth

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