Music for TV Masterclass

Do you want to increase your chances of becoming a TV composer?  The Music for TV Masterclass will help you to gain inside knowledge and develop essential skills that prepare you for a career composing in this highly competitive market.  At the end of the course you will have the chance to pitch on a real job.

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How does it work?

The Masterclass is one on one with an experienced professional who will give personalised feedback on your work. You will receive theoretical materials and practical advice on how the industry works. The course leaders will share their experiences and approaches and pass it on to you.

Getting To The Core Of The Job...
Getting To The Core Of The Job...

There are three assignments which recreate the same conditions as a real job from the TV industry – consisting of a ‘client brief’ and a mute video to compose to.  One of the main differences with our course is that a personal tutor will be available to answer your questions at any time.

Personalised Feedback & Advice

After submitting each assignment you will get detailed feedback from your personal tutor, and the opportunity to make a revised version.  We will also send you written documents with essential technical information and tips based on our many years of experience.

The idea of the course is to take you through similar experiences as a professional TV composer. This will help you be more confident both when approaching production companies and composing to a TV brief.

Personalised Feedback & Advice
A Real World Pitch
A Real World Pitch

At the end of the course you will get a certificate of completion, a summary of your work by other experienced composers in the industry and the chance to pitch on a real job.

The Course Leaders

The course leaders are Tim Rabjohns and Yaniv Fridel. Together we’ve been successfully working as composers, producers and sound designers for the last 15 years.

Over the years we have worked with most of the London Advertising agencies, broadcast design companies and broadcasters, such as the BBC, Channel 4, BBH, McCann Eriksson, RedBee Media and CNN.

We are have an extensive network of composers and music production companies who collaborate with us in both our working lives and in our course.

We have conducted guest lectures related to the TV composing industry and new media at Westminster, City College Brighton, Northbrook College, Worthing and Downs College, Eastbourne.

Check out this showreel of our work, read more about us, or go to these links to see our credentials:
L&F Music showreels
Additional work by L&F Music on our Vimeo Channel

Course FAQ

Why is the course better than my own online research for free?

This course is not selling you 10 top tips, a book of definitive guidelines or documents with long lists of clients in – although we will be giving a lot of this away for free on our blog!

We are offering a personal feedback with relevant information written specifically for you by professionals on your compositions.

We will also give you summary of information of where, when and how is the best place to find your clients.

Of course a lot of this information can be found online in forums, blogs and search engines and you can always use them to help you during the course.  However the Masterclass will  save you a lot of time by summarising the essential information and giving it to  you in a logical way.

Will I really get a pitch? Is it for a real job?

Absolutely. The pitch we are offering at the end of the course will not be some made up exercise .  We will offer you the same pitching materials as we get from one of our clients. (the same as we would also give out to our freelance composers)  This will give you a chance to show off your new skills to those that matter, with the possibility of earning  money as well.

Will I be able to live from my music after the course?

In a word, no!  As in any other industry, the TV world has lots of unwritten requirements. This can affect how you obtain jobs and how you compose to a brief.

We will pass on as many tools that will help you overcome many of the common obstacles that you will encounter on your journey to being a professional composer.  It will improve your chances, it will make your hard work more focused and hopefully get you closer to your goal.


The Price is £330 GBP (approx €420 Euros or $515 USD).

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